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These are Two Ways to Make Your Website Be SEO-friendly

In an SEO that is used, you must face the fact that you should be able to provide a good website and SEO-friendly to be able to make SEO work with the maximum. this is because SEO will not work alone without various factors that can support it. So, an SEO-friendly website should always have you.

For those of you who just used SEO for your business. Then there are some ways you can use to get an SEO-friendly website. Some way is

– Redirection 301
When you do a redesign, usually a page that not used and removed. Visitors will find a 404 page if they visit the page. For that, use the redirected 301 system to redirect the old page to a new page if you do not reuse the old page.

– Text-based navigation system
You can use a text-based navigation system because it has many people who use images as navigation. The text will be more easily recognizable by search engines.