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Optimize Your Website Title Tag With These Two Ways

An SEO that you use will work well if supported by all factors that can make it work well and smoothly. However, it should be noted also that the title tag is one important factor to determine the position of your website in search engines. unfortunately, there are two mistakes that are often made when putting the title tag.

– Mistakes First they use a single title, usually, the name of the website or blog is used for all pages on its site. This should be avoided because the page title must match its content in it, so each page should have a different title tag, not to duplicate it.

– The second mistake is that people focus to include too many keywords in the title tag, hoping that search engines will take everything, they feel that means it has done a good optimization for its website. This should be avoided because search engines place value on keywords but are highly dependent on the number of keywords. The result is that the number of keywords you have in the title the less liked by Google.