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Know Two SEO Tips That You Can Do With Very Easy

Now, many people are using SEO to be able to market their business well and be known by many people. However, you need to know that SEO is not only you can get from asking others to make it. You can also create your own if you know some tips that you can do easily.

SEO is needed by many people. However, it does not mean that you can not make it yourself. There are some tips you can do to make SEO work well, like

– Title Tag Optimization, Headings & Body
Include at least one keyword you target in the title tag, headings, and in the meta description. There’s no need to use many keywords in the body, but it’s a good idea to use keywords in subheadings.

– Interlink
Link all posts that have similarities, make sure the link includes keywords as well. If you intend to link to other websites outside of your website, then make sure you link only to reputable and trusted websites, do not link your website to bad websites, or spam websites.